Chiropractic Testimonials

“Doctors who really take time to care & are interested in working toward improvement of patient's  health...friendly staff...that's what I like the best about this office!"

- Victoria H.

“Office people are all very nice and friendly and very helpful.  The doctors are so easy to talk with and compassionate. My health keeps getting better... I feel better now than in my 30's, thanks to chiropractic care."

- Ruth B.

"At first I was skeptical and not sure if they could help me, but the thoroughness of the examination and explanation of what the doctors found gave me confidence. Now that I am feeling so much better, I wondered why I had any doubts! Thanks Dr. Bob!"

- Steve M.

"When I started , I was in extreme pain and walking with a cane, hunched over. I thought there is no way I going to get right without surgery when I met Dr. Bob for my results of my x-rays, he explained what was going on with my spine and discs He said I was severe but believed he could fix me. He was quite confident my problem could be fixed without surgery. When we started the adjustments, I still wasn't quite sure, but as we went on I could tell it was working I felt better than I have in years. The care in the office was professional and caring. The assistants were helpful with the insurance I am definitely am glad in my choice with Sparks Family Chiropractic. In two months Dr. Bob had me back to work."

- Jeff C.

"I came to Sparks Family Chiropractic Care three years ago. They have improved my health immeasurably. I had sciatic nerve pain that was stopping my normal activities. I feel they made my quality of life greatly improved. Many thanks to the Doctor and staff for my great care."

- Daniel W.

"I feel since I have been coming to Sparks Family Chiropractic my health and well being has improved greatly! I feel better and I get personal guidance on many health issues. Health choices are important in my wellness. Supplement such as Andrographis has helped my immune system. I always feel well taken care of when I leave! Many thanks to the staff and Doctors for making me feel welcome."

- Sandy W.

"At 84 years of age I enjoy very good health. My back gives me problems because of scoliosis of the spine. There came a time this past year I was in a lot of pain and I could not walk up the stairs without bending over and crawling up. To come down I had to hold onto the the banister and come down sideways step by step. I could not walk very far or do my household chores for long. Today thanks to the Doctors I can almost run up and down the stairs. I can work and do the things I enjoy again. I thank Dr. Bea, Dr. Bob and Dr. Laura."

- Lucy S.

"I felt terrible until I started with Dr. Sparks. Now I feel much better to the point of feeling great!"

- Delores B.

"I had experienced lower back pain, especially when sitting or lying down for extended periods of time, for many years. The chiropractic treatments I received have eliminated this continuous discomfort, helped me sleep better at night and improved my stamina during my work days. I would highly recommend this Chiropractic care to anyone experiencing chronic pain."

- Stephanie H.

"I have struggled with lower back pain most of my adult life. What started out as occasional discomfort in my twenties progressed to constant pain of varying intensity the older I became. I carry extra weight in my mid-section which has aggravated my condition over the years as well . I began my chiropractic care five months ago and am pleased to say that I am having relief with my low back pain. I continue with strengthening exercises at home in addition to my adjustments. Sparks Family Chiropractic provides compassionate care and flexible scheduling. I would recommend chiropractic care for everyone."

- Stacy T.

"I experienced extreme pain in the lower back for years, I would take different medications that would work for a while. About every six months the pain would eventually come back more intense than the last time. When I couldn't get out of bed the last time I decided to see Dr. Sparks. So far , treatment has gone extremely well and so far I am pleased with the results."

- Rick W.

"A herniated disc at age 21, a fall down a flight of stairs at age 28, and back surgery at 33. I knew what it meant to experience pain and prescription pain medications. After a successful surgery  no pain on a daily basis only occasionally. I didn't realize that the "repair" was temporary. It's been fourteen years since my back surgery and some of my painful symptoms were returning. My husband had been coming to Dr. Bob for over a year so I decided to give Chiropractic a try.  Sparks Chiropractic has been wonderful Dr. Bob and his staff have been helpful from the very beginning of my care. After just 8 weeks of care my pain levels are very minimal and my headaches are gone! I am very pleased with my progress and feel my health is returning. The best thing is it is not temporary!"

- Julie B.

"I wake up Labor Day and found when I got out of bed I couldn't walk. My left leg burned like fire and wouldn't support my weight. Later I realized my left foot would not work right. I lay carpet for a living and I really need the use of my leg and foot. After two weeks with no improvement I made an appointment for the exam and consultation. It's been almost two months of adjustments and things have changed a lot. I can walk now! Most of the pain is gone, I think with the further adjustments I'll be back to normal. The doctor and staff are great also ! I would recommend them."

- Mike C.

"The treatments that I have received have helped me to walk a lot better and the stiffness I had before is very much improved. My overall energy is much better I would recommend this treatment for everyone with back problems."

- Ralph J.

"I came to Dr. Sparks with a pain in the neck, and lower back pain. I also had a lot of stiffness and not much range of motion in the neck. Now the pain is gone I have regained most of my range of motion. I would recommend Dr. Sparks to anyone."

- Bill C.

"I fell (was tripped) at a skating rink in my 20s. Didn't know what damage that would do. I saw a family doctor for a while and then started seeing a chiropractor in the city where I lived. I moved to Lancaster OH several years ago and found Dr.Sparks. I feel very much better, do not have to use medication and enjoy a normal active life. Do my own housework, yard work and clog and line dance. I walk a lot and keep busy. I appreciate not having the daily pain that I used to have I'm basically pain free!"

- Hettie G.

"I didn't realize how much a Dr. could care about his patients. Dr. Sparks understood my neck pain and helped to relieve the pain. I felt like a new person every time I I left the office. Just a few minutes each month is all it took. Not only did he help with my neck but took concern in me trying to lose weight. I have now had my whole family going."

- Sherry C.

"After having a 50,000 dollar surgery in 2006 for a herniated disc and hardware (screws plates) in my neck I started having the same pain, numbness all over again in two more discs wanting to herniate. I found Dr. Sparks when I moved here in 2009 I was a mess again, with back pain, spine and neck issues. He asked me to give it one year and I agreed and saw the proof from before and after x-rays. I feel so much better, less pain, better sleep. I now just go monthly for an adjustment so I don't get back in that shape again. So far, so good- no surgery needed."

- Jennifer H.

"Forty years ago I injured in my back in a construction accident. Over that time, my back has always been a problem. I took pain pills, epidural injections and have considered surgery many times. The surgeon I see wanted me to try Chiropractic before operating on my bulging disc and narrowing spinal canal. I have been receiving treatments for over 6 weeks and now am amazed at how much better I am doing. I have significantly less pain and am only taking 1 aspirin per day most days. I am very thankful to have strength and mobility back with less pain."

- Bruce P.

"The Chiropractic care that I am receiving here appears so helpful. I fell from a ladder in March 19, 2012 receiving a fracture and 4 bulging discs in the lower back. A family member recommended to contact Dr. Sparks for help. Following the evaluation I started treatments 3 days a week at first. June 17, 2013. I am encouraged with the care I am receiving. I love walking and was able to start to walk but 1/4 mile when I started treatments here. On August 15, 2013 completed a 3 mile walk I still have good and bad days with some pain. However, the exercise plan Dr. Sparks offered me to perform at home daily , has helped in my recovery. I must tell you , I have never encountered pain in my life similar to my back pain has been. I believe to continue my treatments here will give me hope to be relieved of pain in time. I am hopeful chiropractic care will lead to more normal life for me. I thank God for the help I am receiving presently."

- Elva M.

 "When I began going to Sparks Chirorpactic Care, Dr Bob pointed out what all was wrong with my neck and back. I had surgery in 2008 (on my back) but now it is 2013 and there is a lot of things I noticed I could no longer do without sitting down to relieve the pain. Like simply washing dishes, or running the sweeper , walking a little distance.

Back in 2008 , I chose to get the surgery because I was on pain pills that hated to take. To me, those pills make you tired and lazy. Anyhow by the news and crime rates because of these drugs, not to mention hearing of suicides and killings and break-ins. It is all a shame of how things are turning out except for my aches and pains.

Now that I have been going to Dr.Sparks, I can do more walking and standing with not as much pain sitting. It started with an electric shock going up behind my ear. I believe I haven't had that feeling since the second time of going to Dr. Bob.

Most of my problems are in my (surgery area) lower back. Very painful at the beginning but now they are much better before the "miracle". I love going to Dr. Sparks for their care, they along with their staff members are unbelievably nice to all the patients.

At first I would walk out of there saying "Awh, that felt good," but now I feel since I am not even half way thru my sessions , and I cannot wait to walk back to the office because you feel wonderful when you walk out. At thirst when they are working on getting the kinks out it hurts some, but they do miracles with your neck and back. I highly recommend Sparks Chiropractic over any kind of addictive drug out there. Hope you enjoyed reading this I rate Dr. Bob and Laura with a high five!"

- Juanita A.


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